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I have been with Nelnet for 6 years, and have had significant and regular problems with their website. I receive emails stating that I have messages, which I have to log in to get -- their website is ad-based now, and locks me out almost every time attempt login. When I call, there is no path to a human being, nor way to unlock my account, but I can pay an extra $6 to process an electronic check.

This company has really become a pain to work with, a huge contrast to how they treated me when I consolidated my loans. Smells like greed, they appear to make it hard for me to meet my loan comittment, and have become increasingly unresponsive. I have come to pity the people that I encounter at Nelnet -- the management has clearly become borderline insane.

They are not the company I signed up with 6 years ago, please find a more responsive lender.

Review about: Nelnet Loan.

Monetary Loss: $300.


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Amounts in excess of the minimum monthly payment comes off principal.However the amount for accounting purposes has to be shown as a paid ahead amount due to you legally being entitled to the full loan term.If you ignore the lower amount that shows as the amount due and just continue to make what you would normally pay every month anyway, you will pay the loan off early and save interest.

So if you pay enough that the loan pays off 2 years early than you would save that 2 years of interest.

It is confusing the way that it shows, we have the government to thank for that.Nothing is simple through them.


Amazingly, most of the problems that I griped about here have been more or less resolved. The website works in a reasonable manner: no more crazy lockouts from messing up a password once, the advertising is cleaned up, and I can actually make payments in amounts that I specify, and at the frequency I wish.

Whew! big improvement Nelnet, I hereby take you off my ****list.



Nelnet is full of ***....they lock you out just to *** with you and make your life more difficult.


:upset "It's your choice...Paper or Online" Well, I've tried on several occassions to register to have billing statements on-line and regardless if I follow the "guidelines" to establish a User Name and Password I still haven't made it to the point where I can make this request known???? What's the deal?


I have reported them to BBB and you should too.They are providing terrible service while laughing at customers who can\'t leave them by law.

No surprise they are a bunch of rich lawyer republicans cashing in on the hardworking Americans and on the unfair and *** federal laws which is making Student Loans a ground for rooks to get rich with no risk,, since the feds will just pay up!!Please email Hillary Clinton she had this on her radar to correct and put people/consumers in power of this market again


They are trying to lock you out of getting on-time deferments.


Sounds like flower flavored *** nelnet rep.You know what the white stuff in the middle of bird *** is?

Its more ***, what do you expect?, it came from the same place. Acting friendly doesn't change the sick twisted greed driven roots that nelnutz has sprouted from. You're stuck in a ripoff company and you know it. If I were to have a dream in which I woke up and found that I worked for them I'd wake up and kill myself.

You don't have to shed blood to be inhumane. Evil is in the subtleties. There's no excuse for any human being to play part in the sick operation that you call a job.

There is no need for explaination because you know what I mean.Flower flavored *** is still ***.


I would just like to get on the website to pay. Also if anyone has any suggestions who to consolidate my loans with?



Nelnet is by far the worst company I have ever done business with.Frankly, I'm trying to figure out a way to get my loan to another company.

I have THREE different amounts that I am supposed to pay.. when I call, I don't get A LIVING PERSON, rather get an automated message. On top of that I haven't had a problem with my loans until Nelnet got a hold of it. Now all of a sudden I have a loan that I have NEVER even heard of or known about and NEITHER HAS MY INSTITUTION.

If there was ever a lawsuit against them I'd happily join!:)


I'm also confused as to why I can't make extra payments on my loan -- if I pay more than they are asking for then my next month's bill is for my regular payment minus what I overpaid.I long to work down the principle instead of paying endless interest.

It really sucks I can't make more progress when I have money.:upset

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