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This is a horrible company when I wanted to pay all the rest of my school payment they told me I couldn't not I had to wait the exact day for the payment to come out each month when I had the rest of the money. And when it declined my card the next month the payment was due they told me I had to wait the next payment date they wanted to try and I could pay my last month payment as well when they try to take the payment but was told otherwise...
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My cc had fraud. I tried to contact them, but the phone wait was 29.5 minutes to speak with a representative, and there is NO WAY TO EMAIL THEM. There is no way to contact them to fix problems. I finally called my daughters school and paid in full over the phone after the new card arrived. I WILL NEVER USE NELNET SERVICE AGAIN, NOR WILL I RECOMMEND ANYONE ELSE TO USE THEM EITHER. IF I AM CHARGED FEES IN SPITE OF EVERYTHING I DID - WE WILL...
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I have been making payments of $500 a month for the past three years. This amount is not enough to cover the amount of interest that accrues to the account each month. The result is that I am not only paying interest on the amount that we borrowed, we are also paying interest on the amount that accrues from the short pay each month. Eventually we would be paying enough as our payments increase, but this was never made clear to us at the time we...
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I paid off my student loans more than a year ago in a single payment. Nelnet has continued not only to contact me, but to harass me to the tune of 8 to 10 calls in a single day. Then they act like they don't know whom they've contacted - no, I will not give you my full social security number. If you can't figure out who I am based on the last 4 (by the way, YOU called ME, I shouldn't need to confirm this ***), then I don't trust you. They have...
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  • Harassment
I am totally & permanently disabiled from a 2011 auto accident. In June 2013 I made application to the U.S. Dept of ED, through NELNET, the servicing agent for the U.S. ED. 22 months later in Mach 2015, I learned a disability discharge decision on my loans had not been made and my application could not be located. I applied a 2nd time, and now 5 months later, NELNET tells me my disability discharge application is EXPIRED, and NELNET ...
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I had received a letter dated April 15, 2015 that stated I had received my total and permanent disability status and they would be contacting whoever was taking my money so it could be returned. I have emailed many times and no one will give me that information. They have given me phone numbers, video chat information etc which does not work as I am hard of hearing and would not have one clue what was being said. I have asked that the...
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