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Nelnet customer service is the worst I have ever encountered - speaking as entitled, unintelligent frat boys who have absolutely no interest in meeting the needs of their customers. With no solutions outside of the templated emails that they send out, Nelnet has hired a team of monkeys to block the castle door with little to no justification.

Lie after lie and illogical argument after illogical argument spews from the months of supervisors about how templates are all their company is legally allowed to use for communication. I needed help, a personalized letter tailored to my particular needs and was told that was impossoble. That no one at Nelnet will ever be able to help me. That I should just give up.

They said that the law forbids them from writing me a personalized letter. When I asked to be referred to someone they said that there was absolutely no one that I could speak to. I found and emailed their CEO Michael Dunlap ( by the way in case you want to do the same) and have yet to hear back. This is disgusting behavior.

Human beings should not be disgarded and treated like trash this way. Nelnet stands as some all powerful company who answers to no one. Everyone, every company answers to someone and as a for profit on the fortune 5000 list, they very well answer to stockholders. Someone at Nelnet better correct this soon, companies like these don't last very long.

I don't care if my issue is resovled in time or not. I will stand against Nelnet until they change. Customer service is the last thing on Nelnet's agenda. The illusion of customer service is their aim.

The funny thing is they are servicing scholars. We're not dumb Nelnet we know our rights and we know how to intelligently demand that they are being met. Perhaps the customer service team should take out a few loans themselves, enroll in a few classes, and learn something about the way that business works. Its only a matter of time Nelnet, enjoy it while it lasts.

Its not right Nelnet, and its not over!

Review about: Nelnet Loan.

Monetary Loss: $225.

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Couldn't agree more. Horrid service.

Email got shot back to me. Apparently there have been too many complaints!


Kahea33, we apologize for your recent experience with one of our representatives. We do strive to keep customer service as a high priority. Due to legal limitations we are not just able to send out any kind of letter that is requested but we do have a verity of letter that could be sent that may fit your needs.

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