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First off the company is awful. No customer service what so ever. You call and wait forever and get to someone that knows nothing. Same goes for the chat feature. Rude, unhelpful, and unknowledgeable people just out for money and nothing else. This company trashed my credit. I graduated school in March 2011. The school graduated me in August 2010 and admits no error and will make no changes, but that is a seperate complaint. Needless to say I except my deferment to end of date X when it really ended on date Y. I never get on call or one letter or anything saying something is due. After trying to buy and car and not being able to because of the 120 day late payments on 2 of my loans and 2 90 day late payments on two others I try to set up an account online. Says incorrrect DOB. I verify my DOB on MPN an it is accurate. So I call and wait forever on hold and get some and thye changed address, DOB, etc and I was able to create an account and got the money part squared away. Had them look into credit issue and said we will not remove them period under any circumstances. A year fight to this day is on going. One call I made I asked why 2 loans were 120 late, 2 were 90 late, and the others were never late at all...I mean they all should be the same. Hours on the phone and the exact words I get..."Mr xxxxxxxx, I have had 5 managers look at you account and we have no idea why this is." WOW, what kind of company is this? Just randomly reporting credit as they want. I write another letter and low and behold they found out the 120 days late ones have invalid graduation dates and remove them. A year, tons of letters, emails, calls, chats and finally some movement.

Clearly there is something wrong here or I would not be fighting. I was late on a CC payment once and you dont see me fighting that, because it is accurate. Had I got Nelnets statements, calls or anything I would have never let it happen. But hey they dont care one bit. So this fight will continue for 7 years until it falls off my credit. Got the BBB, FTC, Credit Bureaus, my US Senators, my US Representitive, etc. looking into this. I spend at least 1 hour a day doing something about this.

They even lied straight to my face and the BBB. Stating they never sent things to address X when I have documented proof they sent things to address Y. Keep in mind address Y is not valid and does not exist anywhere on the planet.

You could just be a stand up company and make things right for a customer that will be paying on loans for 20 years to this company, but I guess they want a customer that calls, emails, writes, etc. constantly and wastes company manhours and money...

Review about: Nelnet Account.

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Sounds like your are living the American dream...though it is more of a nightmare these days for all of us.


I noticed that you stated that some reports were adjusted based on your school enrollment information. Did you have additional remarks that were not adjusted.

If so, please give us a call so that we are able to determine what exactly occurred to result in reporting negative to ensure everything is accurate. 1.888.486.4722

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