I never took out a student loan with nelnet but they are sending me emails that I owe them money for my loan.....this is a scam right? I've gone through all my papers for my loans and even talked to an accountant and not one thing is linked to Nelnet so I'm not giving them any of my money!

Plus every time I try to find contact information they ask for my social security number and I'm not giving that *** out!! I truly think this is a scam and I wish they would stop spamming my inbox!

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First off, Nelnet is a federal loan servicer for the Department of Education, much like the other servicers, Navient (formerly Sallie Mae), ACS, AES, and Great Lakes, etc. To see if you have any federal loans from FAFSA, you can see it directly on the Department of Education's website, NSLDS.ED.GOV.

Click on review financial aid and sign in. It will show any and all federal loans under your name. You can click on the individual loans to see who the direct servicer is, that way, you won't be dealing with any third parties who tend to charge "processing fees" or "application fees" for their document processing assistance.

If nothing shows up on there, they may have a wrong number/email.

Chances are though, if they have both of those methods to contact you from the FAFSA form, those are loans are most likely under your name and social. I would check your credit report before asking them to remove your contact information or jumping to this conclusion.

IMPORTANT:Take into condsideration, if you didn't attend college, these could be Parent Plus loans that you took out on behalf of one of your children/grandchildren. They would be your loans, not the student's and can never be transfered to that student or placed under their name.

If you now remember the details, great! You can deal with the company just off their website, look at payment plan options to pay back the loan taken out for your college or a benefitting student's college.

They are federal loans, so there are quite a few options. You can also call them to discuss all the options as well. They are a 24hr/7days a week servicer.

Now if loans show up on that website and you earnestly didn't attend college or take out any government loans for yourself or any dependents, first obtain all of the loan information from NSLDS.ED.GOV and file a police report for fraud. If you never "cosigned" (as many people think it's just that) for Parent Plus loans and your child/grandchild (or a stranger) filled out the paperwork to obtain federal aid without your knowledge, that is also fraud.

If you're wanting to remove the loan from your name in that case, you'll need to file a police report for either the stranger or the relative that took the loan out.

After filing the police report, you can then contact Nelnet and ask for a fraud packet to move forward to get the loans discharged.

I hope this insider information is helpful to you and feel free to involve your accountant in this matter, but honestly, I'm very very surprised your account doesn't know who/what Nelnet is after researching them. That makes me question their competence.


If it's not your loan send in a credit dispute. Someone may have stolen your identity.

You will need a police report and a notarized statement. If you don't send in a dispute you will never get out of it.

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