Nelnet is ridiculous. I am ahead on payments by months. Still everytime i make an online payment lets say at 8 am monday they say they do not recieve it until after 4 pm eastern the next day tue which makes the payment recieved on wed. this has been since the begining. This has added two days of interest for 3 years.

Also many problems sigining in to pay. have to call and get new security answers every time.

I swear i had my loan down to 43000 next month it was up to 44900 yet i paid 300 and they only have the online statements now, so i can't prove they changed the numbers by reissueing a statement, how would any one ever know they could easily just go on an change how much you ow.

I also went back complet history and started from the very first payment. I subtracted from principal everything they claim i have paid toward principal and they are off by 600$

what should i do the people on the phone are retarded and always have an excuse, classs action?

Review about: Nelnet Loan.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Omaha, Nebraska, United States #811390

I would say if the amount is only off by $600 that is is probably due to unsubed loan interest that accurred while you were in school and capitalized to the principal which would make the actual principal that much higher than orig amounts. call and request a payment history. It may clear everything up.


obviously you don't know what the *** your talking about....

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