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i have had to supply toi NELNET, disability documentation from my physicians and social security and any other relevant entity involved with treatment and any recovery after an ato related accident that left me disabled and unable to further my career, i have not been employed and on ss disability which at age 65, was turned into regular retirement because of the age bracket assigned to retirement age for all employees at this age. i had applied top sallie mae over ten years back and had given them access to my medical records and al reports concerning my disabilities.

the doctor had signed and dated all records as requested, Sallie Mae chose to ignore that application and five more overe the next two years, telling me with out explanation that they were filled in wrong or missing dates or filled in improperly. i had gopne to the DOE for help and the reply weas they could do nothing until Sallie mae sent them the completed application. Sallie Mae became un reachable by phone and uncooperative. I have applied at NELNET and was turned down after completing the application as instructed.

The doctor has given up trying to please NELNET for the same reasons Sallie Mae used. i am told now that becausze im am off ss disability i no longer qualify for discharge. there inb nothing in the paperwork regarding this for discharge of the loans. Nelnet has found a way to use this improperly to denis me and others.

i suppose if i were wheel chair bound and reached age 65, NELNET would tell me i am ok and no longer disabled. i have jumped through every hoop for the DOE and the underwriters for student loans. take my advice, get a lawyer before even trying to apply for one. have him or her address this fact with NELNET if your a parent plus loan seeker.

it is not worth it other wise.

if i had known better, i would have had SALLIE MAE put in writing and signed by them a note of promised forgivness or discharge on the event of any accidental injuries. either they would sign this or theyt would be without a new loan seeker.

This reviewer shared experience about "because using a loop hole toi break a contract in my opinion is dishonest." and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with Nelnet. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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If your disability discharge is approved, the amount of loan discharge is treated as income in the year it is discharged. This information is turned over to the IRS.

The debt you thought you "discharged" now becomes money that you owe the IRS.

Read the following and understand how aggressively the IRS will pursue the debt once it has been converted.


I also have applied to Nelnet 5 times for disability discharge. Each time denied for different reasons.

The very best one is my doctors statement on Nelnet application. They denied it because the form was outdated.

They gave me the dam form. I am on permanent disability making $900 a month, of which they take $197.

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