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Words of advice: when attending college in Colorado do not enter into any student loan arrangement with Nelnet (or any of it's posers- Colorado Student Loans, College Assist...).

The technique they use is disturbingly simple. They just don't send statements. If you miss a few- say, because you moved- you are sent to collections. Reinstatement requires a significant payment.

Also be wary of their collection agency- under investigation by Pennsylvania's Attorney General. Make no agreement with these people.

Lastly, the government sponsored "Ombudsman" is actually an employee of Nelnet. She has no incentive to facilitate any agreement. She is unresponsive and devious, acting only to further Nelnet's profits.

Check recent news articles online- Nelnet is the defendant in several Student Loan Scandal lawsuits.

Bad business, bad people. Stay away and... tell your friends.

Rethink college in Colorado.

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This organization is more than predatory. They find the curriculum and charge you for classes you actually paid "out of pocket" for.

I asked (long ago) to have the two loans i have showing as outstanding consolidated with interest rate reduced. They never complied. I never agreed to pay the rate they are now charging. These guys are in bed with the "for profit" colleges and tech schools.

I wouldn't be surprised if these institutions get kick backs for promoting NELNET as the loan source. Don't remember there being any other options.


Yes your are correct about Nelnet. I had student loan through them.

As a 100% disabled veteran I was able to receive help through the VA student load discharge program but it was still a problem getting College Assist to "do there part" and complete my load discharge--so bottom line stay away from Nelnet and College assist.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #946483

This also happens in Minnesota!

The statements do not show up, then Nelnet starts going after your credit score, no hopes of signing up for college in the near future. In comparison my student loan is a menial amount to many that are in the 10s of thousands.

But Nelnet as put out their threats, natzi tactics and what ever else they can to collect the money.

Karma cannot catch up with them soon enough!!


It's the same in Arkansas. My ID and mail were stolen.

The mail over a period of a year and a half! No statements were received and they never made any attempt to send statements certified mail; insuring I would receive them! Instead, their collection agents tacked on $9000 to my $15000 loan amount! I'm fighting and have contacted my Senator and Attorney General.

If I have to, I'll sue. It's the ONLY way to stop these liars, leaches and government approved ***-artists!

to LS Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #946485

Please keep me up to date. I am in the same situation with Nelnet, they are nothing but government approved loan natzis, I have complained to the department of education and heard nothing back.


You do realize that if you fall behind on student loan payments you can, under law, file for forebearance. This is, essentially, a way to get the loan back to current without shelling out any money.

On the down side, this will cost you more in the long run since the past due amount is hammered with compounded interest, but it will get you current and help in case you fall on hard times.

Each student loan company is required to give each person 60 months of forebearance, which is 5 years worth. Use it as needed, but don't use it all the time as it can cost you a bundle in the long run.


Same in Nebraska also. Customer service is abysmal.

Business practice questionable. Be careful with this out fit.

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