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Nelnet asked for a sum of money on their website for both of my accounts. They applied the entire amount to one account.

I complained and was told that they could not reapply the money between the accounts because there was a payment due in 30 days. With that logic they could NEVER make the adjustment until the loans were paid off. I asked to speak to the person bosss and was told i could have their voice mail. I asked to speak to the supervisors boss and was told that was not allowed.

I asked to be transfered to the president office and was told certainly not. Ok so isn't misapplication illegal?

Stay away from Nelnet at all costs- do not let them service your loans transfer them to the DOE. Nelnet simply can't handle anything in my opinion and is incapable of making any changes.

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Omaha, Nebraska, United States #811382

Spouse would only be removed if qualified through the department of education for total and permanent disablity discharge and the amount of loan left would be for your portion of loans only. If you are sending payments to the Department of Education Atlanta address they will never be applied correctly unless you call Nelnet within 30 days of payment and ask to have it adjusted.

As long as all loans on the account have the minimum paid extra can go to specific loans.

Only place to get Federal Student Loans is Department of Education now. Any bank loans would be private and not eligable for any government benefits such as payment reduction or forgiveness.


I couldn't agree more. They have wrecked my life!

They wrongly removed my ex-husband from my our spousal consolidation leaving me solely responsible. They are BAD news.


I have been paying with checks and sending the payment coupon with the payment. On the back of the payment coupon one have the option to request additional payments allocations per group.

I have been writing both on the check and on the front and back of the coupon how I want the extra monies sent to be allocated. Well, my extra monies have been applied towards future payments. I have contacted an Nelnet agent on their chat and the inept fellow kept telling me that there is not way to allocate additional monies paid, but to go to the fees and then applied towards future payments. When I told that the coupon offers the option to request extra payments allocations per group, he left the chat room.

Is there an outside entity that could handle our complaints and that will yield results?

I am afraid that I will be overcharged for the loans and that my accounts will be reported incorrectly. :(

to Anonymous #752122

To make things worse, the school did not provide me with lender options my account was assigned to Nelnet. For those who have the option to select their lender, I will suggest trying with your personal bank first. :cry

Lancaster, New York, United States #599813

This is exactly what has been happening with me. I have two completely separate loans (one federal, one private, with separate interest rates, separate payments, etc.) and my payments would be cross applied to both loans. When I tried to fight this, I was told that my two loans were under the same account, so they were able to do that. They claim they cross apply everyone's loans that go through Nelnet, which is so wrong and I believe, illegal.

Finally, I got someone to go through my loan history and reapply all my payments to the proper loans and when they did that, my fixed 2% loan went up to 3% because I lost my "on-time payment" incentive because I requested they go back and fix the applications of my payments, which THEY screwed up on. I have never missed a payment in seven years and now they're trying to stick it to me because I'm catching them in this fraudulent act.

This is in addition to so many other headaches Nelnet has caused me. They are incompetent, talk in circles, and are devious in that they sneakily screw the borrower by pulling these tricks and then give the borrower a hard time when questioning this activity.

Beware of this company!!

to MN #600286

We would be happy to look into your account for you to make sure that everything is accurate. Please give us a call at your convenience at 1.888.486.4722.

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