I was told consolidation of my three parent loans for my children (from other companies) was the way to go ... yes, with an honest reputable company it would make sense.

All I have experienced with Nelnet is the feeling that I am treading water and getting nowhere. I have called and asked for a statement to be sent to me so I can see the breakdown of the balance as I am making my payments and was told "we don't do that" ! The interest that that take is robbery. I will make a payment of 250.00 and the interest taken will be 205.00.

I make my payments ONLINE by the due date but it will not go through for THREE days, during which time they charge interest. Why is Nelnet not bound to the same regulations that banks and credit card companies have to adhere to ?

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First of all parent plus loan are rarely until a 6.8 interest and rarely ever go below that. That is why there is a lot of interest.

Plus loans are the worst because of the high interest rate.. but that was said in the promissory note that was suppose to be read. Second they can only send payment history once per loan per law. Third it says when you are making that payment that it takes 24-48 hours to process a payment.

Read the terms...

fourth that interest would still be on I'd it was apply the same day. You get interest per day..

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I am having same problem since Nelnet took over my fasfa ... I make my payments on time every month, yet my balances are going up ...

even credit card balances drop overtime ...! They told me they would email me a detailed payment history --- still waiting on it!

to cdm #920342

Credit cards are very different then loans so don't compare the two. They can't email you the payment history they have to mail it.

That's why it takes forever. Your balance goes up with the interest that caps.

That's the same with EVERY servicer. Plus loans have a high interest that's why minimum payments are high too.

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