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Do not use NelNet. They do not deliver their promises and they are only a consolidating loan company rather than a Real Current SL forgiveness program. They were unable to pull up my loan agreement on my last call and doubtful the call was answered here in the US Read more

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You write in your emails that you are here when we need you. NO you are not here for us, the borrowers, Nelnet is here to rip off borrowers and profiteer by nickeling and diming their borrowers into poverty and financial ruin. I had my loans in grace period and deferment while in college and during the 6-month period that follows, so I would have some time to find a job. Now Nelnet reported a late/missed payment on my credit reporting! Since... Read more

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We need a class action law suit against NELNET. I am sickened with what I have just experienced as a recent law school student graduate. I allege that NELNET intentionally delays receiving payment and is corruptly incompetent in order to continue to make profits off of interest. Daily interest accrues as we all know as borrows. Yet, on June 13th, I was informed by a representative/advisor that I could mail a check in for the total amount of my... Read more

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Loan taken out in my name using erroneous information I just received an e-mail to a backup hotmail account stating I owe $3200+ Dollars for a loan I never asked for. When I called they have no Personal data on me No SSN , No Birthday, No Bank Card or other account info. This reaks of a SCAM. I sent an email but have not yet received any satisfaction. will probably seek legal counsel. Signed Very UNHAPPY Very UNHAPPY Very UNHAPPY Very... Read more

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Nelnet is the most disgusting, incompetent, and corrupt student loan provider. I have to call almost every month because of some ridiculous error on their part or to remind them that they can't change my payment arbitrarily. Not only do they seek ways to get more money out of you at every turn, they also have atrocious customer service employees who practically smirk through the phone when you address a grievance. If at all possible, DO NOT... Read more

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I recently paid the last $0.05 owed to the U.S. Department of Education on all of my undergraduate and graduate loans. After paying, though, I made a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau about the servicing experience I had with Nelnet. I complained about their appalling customer service, as well as their application of general payments to the lowest-interest loans first (i.e. extending the servicing period, which means more... Read more

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One would think that setting up auto-pay would be a good thing. But not with this company. They have this HIDDEN clause that says auto pay = forbearance. This = increased interest and payment. I called when I saw this (within 30 days) and was PROMISED that it would be reversed (interested and revert payment amount). I did what I was asked and called back to confirm it was taken care of. Guess what, they said it was a mistake and they... Read more

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  • May 17
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Had to fax the same document 4 times to the same number for each time they claimed something was wrong. Then they blamed it on technology. You will be ran around by nelnet

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Customer service sucks! I was late on a payment after I signed up for autopay. My account number was off by one digit and they couldn't send an email stating that there was a problem. Instead they put it on their website message center as if I would know to check that regularly. And then the customer service lady was quite rude in letting me know I should have been checking it regularly as if I don't have better things to do. All I asked for was... Read more

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Beware of this company. They sent me a e-mail with the good for 30 day payoff amount. I paid the full amount stated in the e-mail ON TIME and there is still a balance on my account! They said the amount stated in the e-mail was wrong...wait, what didn't they send it to me??? If I didn't check the balance after the payment I would not have realized I owed anything until it racked up thousands of dollars. The rep I spoke to named Vicki was so rude... Read more

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