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100% FULL

I'll be the first to admit I messed up paying my student loans back right away and ended up defaulting. Those loans, which were through Nelnet, were bought by the U.S. Department of Education which I have since been paying back in good standing. Unbenounced to me, I still had a remaining loan with Nelnet. How did I know this? Well, I didn't. My Nelnet account was closed because my loans were... Read more

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This company took 500.00 dallors from me in 5 payments of 99.00 each and did nothing for me. The dept of Education said I could have done what they did for me for nothing and said they were a scam. Nelnet has a promise that if you are not completely satisfied you will get all your money back. It's a lie!!!!! They did nothing for me I had to end up calling the dept of education myself and work out... Read more

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The gov switched my loans over to Nelnet and it's been horrible since. It is so difficult to log in to their crappy site and their call center hours are a lie. I called the 24/7 number and before 8am, it just takes you through the menu and hangs up on you. The call center people are awful - they are rude, unfriendly, unkind, and always try to interrupt the customer. Of course it makes the caller... Read more

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I have never had a problem with signing up for their website, and I was only on hold for about 5 minutes when I had to call to talk with someone about repayment of my student loans. Mary was wonderful on the phone, very compassionate, and super helpful. She quickly set me up on a path that really took a load off of my shoulders. I don't know if things will always be this great in the future,... Read more

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After a year and a half, I still am unable to log into my account. I password reset every time and reuse the same password, yet it still doesn't understand that I have set a password. When I call customer service, I get the same line that they have had trouble with some accounts not recognizing passwords, yet nothing gets fixed ever. I wish I could transfer my student loans to another sevice... Read more

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Like the reviewer before me I'm having issues with nelnet. In the first place I never asked for them to take over my loans. In the second place those who they hire to provide online customer service seem shady and rude. We started paying in Nov '15 and the payment was about $250 but the next payment was hiked to $369 without previous notice! THEN after contacting them they said it's their... Read more

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Every time I have talked to the people at nelnet their story continues to changes. It wouldn’t matter that much if they weren’t so quick to screw with your credit rating. The reps at nelnet don't want to give you anything regarding their decisions and what they tell you in writing so you never have a record of the agreements you make. Rest assured, they will be changed or modified without your... Read more

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Before I went into forbearance I was told that my monthly payment amount would be about $500, and now that my forbearance time is almost up I get a letter stating that it is over $770! This was even after doing a loan consolidation, which should have actually lowered the payment, not raised it! I did not agree to this rate hike, nor do I think that it is legal. When I talk to them about it... Read more

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Nelnet used to provide (like most student loan providers) payoff information. You could get a ten day pay off quote that showed the interest you would accrue in those ten days. They also would show the accrued interest on the Pay by Group option under Payments. Now, the new website completely removes most of that information and the only reason for them to do so is because they don't want people... Read more

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This company is very bad at helping customers. I send them this: Hello, I have four questions: 1. Why you did not approve my Income-Based Repayment Plan request to lower my student loan payments? I make less than XXXXX a year and your page + federal page pre approved me. Also, I am going to grad school full time. 2. Why was my payment of 159 not processed? 3. Why are your know charging me 319... Read more

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