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One would think that setting up auto-pay would be a good thing. But not with this company. They have this HIDDEN clause that says auto pay = forbearance. This = increased interest and payment. I called when I saw this (within 30 days) and was PROMISED that it would be reversed (interested and revert payment amount). I did what I was asked and called back to confirm it was taken care of. Guess what, they said it was a mistake and they... Read more

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  • May 17
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Had to fax the same document 4 times to the same number for each time they claimed something was wrong. Then they blamed it on technology. You will be ran around by nelnet Add comment

Customer service sucks! I was late on a payment after I signed up for autopay. My account number was off by one digit and they couldn't send an email stating that there was a problem. Instead they put it on their website message center as if I would know to check that regularly. And then the customer service lady was quite rude in letting me know I should have been checking it regularly as if I don't have better things to do. All I asked for was... Read more

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Beware of this company. They sent me a e-mail with the good for 30 day payoff amount. I paid the full amount stated in the e-mail ON TIME and there is still a balance on my account! They said the amount stated in the e-mail was wrong...wait, what didn't they send it to me??? If I didn't check the balance after the payment I would not have realized I owed anything until it racked up thousands of dollars. The rep I spoke to named Vicki was so rude... Read more

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i have had to supply toi NELNET, disability documentation from my physicians and social security and any other relevant entity involved with treatment and any recovery after an ato related accident that left me disabled and unable to further my career, i have not been employed and on ss disability which at age 65, was turned into regular retirement because of the age bracket assigned to retirement age for all employees at this age. i had applied... Read more

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Nobody that works there understands what the accruing interest principle means at the end of the grace. Not a single person could explain it to me I feel like I've been ripped off where is the CFPB when we need them, it should be clear and understandable to the consumer. How is that possible the people that work there don't even understand it themselves and are unable to answer any questions in regards to that matter, what I gather is at the... Read more

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  • Mar 23
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Horrible customer service. Loan accrued 997 a month of interest while they were processing paperwork. Ironically it takes 1 month to process a pay stub and because they don't have an actual payment amount for me I have to be penalized with the interest!! Add comment

I had to apply for financial hardship due to being unable to work for medical reasons. I started my application process in July, here it is March and still nothing I have logic complaints with management who said they would call me back and I never heard back from anybody. I faxed over letters from doctors and medical information biweekly. Nelnet just keep sending me applications in the mail to fill out and send back. I find this frustrating... Read more

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I found that this company reported a loan on my credit report I never took out for the last two years. When I called them they confirmed I have no loan with them and don't know why its on my credit reports. They wouldn't take it off or even update the reporting to show zero balance. I have gotten nowhere with "customer service" The "account specialist" told me "sorry credit report companies can make mistakes too" UMMM really? Tell that to the... Read more

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Nelnet is taking days to process payments I believe to earn more interest money. Generally if a payment is made on the weekend it won't be processed until the next business day. With Nelnet however, it doesn't matter what day you pay it still takes up to 3 or 4 days to process. In the meantime the loan is still being charged interest each day. At that rate I'll never pay off the loan because I'll always being paying the interest during the... Read more

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