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  • Aug 14
  • Loans and Mortgages
  • Student Loans
  • 81

My loan was bought my Nelnet and I've had nothing but problems with them. They wanted me to make $700 a month payments, which I said I couldn't do. They lowered my payment to around $200 a month and told me I had to make a one time payment of $230.44 to bring my account current in May, then my payments would be $207.44 a month after that for at least a year than it would be reevaluated. ... Read more

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  • Aug 13
  • Loans and Mortgages
  • Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Loan Payment
  • 32

Here's some super shady nonsense. When you pay more than the amount due, Nelnet automatically moves your next month's payment due date and does NOT apply the extra to the principal. I was told you must click "Do Not Advance Due Date" when making a payment, but this option did NOT appear when making an extra lump sum payment. I spoke to the Rep and was given a vague answer - something about the... Read more

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  • Aug 12
  • Loans and Mortgages
  • Unauthorized Charges
  • 21

Got an email this morning for insufficient funds and a notice that they're charging me thirty dollars as a result. Spoke with my bank, and they said sufficient funds were present, and that they would have charged me an overdraft fee if they weren't. They explicitly stated twice today that they'd have processed the payment whether or not there were sufficient funds. There were sufficient funds... Read more

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  • Aug 06
  • Finances
  • Student Loan Payment
  • 57

I applied for a 0% interest credit card for the purpose of prepaying my student loan with Nelnet, and hopefully get ahead of the interest a bit. Today I was informed that I can only pay my current or past due balance with a credit card, because they just know I'd pay my student loans with credit cards, then claim bankruptcy. I wish I would have thought of that plan $60k in interest and... Read more

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  • Aug 06
  • Loans and Mortgages
  • Student Loan
  • 1
  • 39

My direct loans when with the Dept of Education were eligible for IBR repayment plan even though they were in forebearance. My initial contact from Nelnet included my loans in the IBR repayment except for the small PLUS loan that I had. I have documentation from them asking me to supply them with updated income information in order to keep me in the IBR program. A couple of months later, I... Read more

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  • Aug 01
  • Loans and Mortgages
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Student Loan
  • 55

I have been using the Forbearance payment option for the last two years. We are allowed to have 36 months (3 Years of this payment plan). I called in June to have the process renewed for my last year and the operator and rudely kept reiterating that this was the last year I can be on this plan. I told her she was right and that was fine. She said there would be other payments methods to use... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nelnet
  • Jul 28
  • by anonymous
  • #515652

They take way to long to get back to you. I was on the phone waiting for 4 hours just now just to reach a representative. Still no available representatives. This needs to change now instead of making people wait for a long time. Add comment

  • Jul 15
  • Loans and Mortgages
  • Commack, New York
  • Rude Agent
  • 48

The agent was extremly rude and provided incorrect information. I am in complete shock that someone could be so rude via online chat. I asked simple questions and was given incorrect information at the end she apologized and admitted that she was wrong then ended with did you need anything else? My questions are still unanswered since the women was -for the lack of a better word- a complete ***.... Read more

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  • Jul 09
  • Media
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Auto Payment
  • 1
  • 51

Nelnet managed to screw up my auto payment (saying that no payment was due, then going ahead and debiting anyways) which caused me to have a large overdraft on an old account. When I called to complain, their rude customer service basically said "sucks to be you" and blamed me for the problem. They literally had the audacity to say "since you agreed to auto debit 10 years ago, it's your fault."... Read more

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  • Jul 07
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Student Loan Harrassment
  • 3
  • 147

Son began college fall 2010 and has not left school since beginning. At that time, took a very small book loan with these--I like the term someone else used, "vampires." Having this Parent Plus loan, I called them immediately to make sure that all would be fine until my son graduated and they assured me that nothing would become due until 6 months after his graduation. Well, beginning around... Read more

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